Primarily built to support future prototypes / projects (namely an ABS bezel for my BMW tablet install) I built this printer in a race against the birth of my second daughter. While I haven't printed much yet, it was a fun build, it prints very nice parts, and I made the deadline :P

After a year of limited use I started heavily focusing on my 540i infotainment project and my use of the printer ramped up. After the z-axis nut that's embedded in the left x-axis end stripped out I decided to knock out a batch of upgrades:

#1 - Z-axis 8mm Lead Screw upgrade

     a.  New ABS 3D Printed X axis ends

     b.  8mm x 300mm Lead Screws

     c.  T8 anti-backlash guides

     d.  5mm to 8mm flexible couplings

     e.  Redesigned X-axis endstop

#2 - Autoleveling

     a. BLtouch Classic

     b. BLtouch mount

     c. RAMPS 1.6 board (not necessary but my v1.4 board had a melting power connector)

     d. Marlin 1.1.8 (latest at time of edit)(also not necessary but nice to do if you're already going to be doing firmware edits for   


#3 - 500W AC Heated bed

     a.  Keenovo 110VAC 500watt 200x200mm silicone heater

     b.  Watlow DIN-A-MITE DB10-24C0-S000 (industrial grade SSR that can be had for ~$60 used on eBay).

There have only been two notable difficulties with the upgrades.

#1 - Getting the printed parts made on a broken / limping printer

#2 - Re-squaring the printer

I'm still working on #2, as my x-axis still isn't 100% square to the y-axis. I'm also still in the process of getting the heated bed changed out. Stay tuned for pictures :D

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